Manage Orders

Orders are created when a customer completes checkout process in vsEcom stores.

Order Status

Order statuses is used to show how far the order has been processed. List of order statuses is shown below:

👉 Order Created 
👉 Under Verification 
👉 Verified 
👉 Processing 
👉 Shipping In Progress 
👉 Delivered 
👉 Others
👉 Returned 
👉 Refund 
👉 Cancelled 

Filter by Order Status

Filter the orders using the order status

Search Orders

Search Orders using these filters below:

👉 Order Number 
👉 Customer Phone Number or Email Address
👉 Customer Name

Filter Orders

Filter the Orders using the Dates of the Order Created

Change View of Orders

In the orders page, We have two different views to display the orders.

👉 You can change the views by clicking the icon. 

List View

Grid View

Generate Orders

You can export the order details in the excel format

👉 By clicking the download button

Order Details

You can view the order details of the order

👉 By clicking the icon

👉 Order Details View

Change Order Status

You can change the order status of the order

👉 By clicking the icon