Add your catalouge of products or services

Add Products

You can add your Product by clicking the Add New Product in

👉 Product Images (Maximum 7 Images can be upload)
👉 Product Name 
👉 Store Price
👉 Deal Price (Optional)
👉 Deal Description (Optional)
👉 Category 
👉 Sub Category
👉 Product Description (Optional)
👉 Other Parameters (Optional)

Search the Products

You can search the products list by product name

Filter the Products List

You can change the published/unpublished status in the filter option to filtered the products list

Published Products

By default, All added products will be published. Published/Unpublished products used to show/hide the product in the site. To set the product to published/unpublished in the site by enable the published toggle

You can also set whether the product is promoted in Featured Product. To set the product to featured by enable the featured toggle

Edit Products

You can edit the product details and product images by clicking the edit icon.

Share Products

You can share your product in social media platforms by clicking the share icon.

Delete Products

You can delete your product by clicking the delete icon.