Quick Start

Setting up your VS Account and launching your store from vsEcom


For registration you need to provide the following information.

  • eMail
  • Store Name (without space, you can edit this later- Your site will be launched with this store name)
  • Mobile Number (based on your country country code is automatically selected, if not please select and proceed)
  • Password
  • First Name and Last Name

Click on Start Your Free trial, to Register yourself, with store details. It will take upto 30 seconds for you to get registered in our Authentication server and creating your new site. Please wait while we are setting up your VS ecommerce application

That’s it!. You can create your own eCommerce site within 30 seconds.

Free Trial

You will get a free trial from us for 14 days. Free trial days might vary from time to time based on various offers at the time of registration for launching new eCommerce store from vsEcom.

Your Site

By default your site will be launched with one of the following extensions

  • yourstorename.vsecommerce.com
  • yourstorename.vsecommerce.net
  • yourstorename.vsecommerce.in
  • yourstorename.vsecom.net
  • yourstorename.vsecom.in

You can change this subdomain and can update your own domain. Click on the Preview link (eye) from your Dashboard after login to see your site launched with our built in “QuickStart” template, which you can csutomize using our TemplateEditor

Your API

By default all API will be available in the following

Forgot Password

You can click on Reset Password using Email or Mobile number by clicking Trouble signing in link or


You can login with your mobile number or e-mail address along with the password created during registration