By default your store will be created using one of our vsEcom subdomain and you can change this in Domain Settings

Modify Domain

Manage your domain by navigating to the Domain menu in Control Panel.

You can edit and change to our sub domain {{yournewname}} or you can update your own custom domain. When you use our sub domain or your custom domain, a free SSL certificate will be associated and you will get a secured site immediately. *This will be for a limited time and might change in future

Custom Domain

To connect to your own domain already purchased from a Domain name Provider, you need to login to your Domain name provider account and proceed with the following steps

  • Add/Edit A record in your domain provider settings(DNS) which points to the server IP
  • It may take upto 5 to 10 mins for this to get reflected
  • Then Enter your domain name and click on save

We will provide the details of the IP where your site is hosted in the Instructions of Domain page.

You can also view step by step guidance from our below video on how to change your domain name for your store and adding your custom domain, updating DNS settings of domain provider (example: Go daddy or Google Domains).


Whenever a site is created for you, a SSL is already created for you free. If it is our subdomain, or your own domain or subdomain, a certificate is automatically created for free. Based on availability and your domain restrictions, if you face any issues, please contact us at [email protected]

Maintenance Page

If you wish to take your site down for any reason, you can redirect to your Maintenance page by enabling Maintenance switch to On