Summary of your products, sales, visitors, customers, enquiries, wishlist and various engagement analytics


After login, you will be landing in Home page, click on the center eye of the control panel header, to preview your online store. You can navigate to Add your own domain, modify application design, preview links from home. Page consists of following details with a full view of your store performance

👉 Total Revenue of the day
👉 Store Activity of the day
👉 Total Visitors, Sales, Customers and Orders
👉 Most and Least Selling Products
👉 Products, Queries and Engagement Analytics
👉 Quick links to Out of stock products
👉 Pending Orders notification can be viewed in the Side nav bar

For a more detailed analytics, you can view the details from Reports with various filters

Switch Stores

On top of Left navigation menu, your currently selected store name will be displayed and you can create new store or switch between different stores from this section. One user can create multiple online store and for each store you need to buy additional license

Most/Least Selling Products

You can view updated most and least selling products and the number of sales and revenue generated from those products here.

Platforms supported

All the features are available in both Web, mobile, tablet, iPad with latest browsers, Android/iOS platforms.