Stock Levels

Track your out of stock


You get an Out of Stock information for the number of products that are out of stock in your dashboard, and also in product section and inventory section

Low Stock

When a product is having less than certain quantities you get a “Low Stock” information in Products view


Provision to allow buying out of stock products can be set in control panel, Inventory section. You might have already placed PO and know that the product would have been in transit and can be sure to fulfil the orders.

Customer Application

Your store site or app will show a button default texted as “Check Availability” instead of buy when you use all our default templates. You have the option to change this from your template editor the text you want to include when no stock is available and also you can show or hide this button as a option. Your customer / user will have the ability to enquire about the product and you can respond to them from your enquiry section.